Sunday, December 26, 2010

Allison's Pictures 1

Click the links to see some beautiful Celtic designs.

[Celtic Style 12]
[Celtic Style 13]
[Celtic Style 14]
[Celtic Style 15]
[Celtic Style 16]

More to come...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Triond Experiment: Welcome Allison!

The Triond Experiment: Welcome Allison!: "User name: Allison Jae Twitter: spark187 Facebook: Allison Jae SU: spark199 Digg: spark187 Websites/Blogs: &nb..."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Will's Sadian Art 2

Here's 15 more 3D characters.

Click onto picture for full description.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Darker Side

A weird tale of presumed death, amnesia, conspiracy and alternate realities.

Click on the link to learn more.

The Darker Side One
The Darker Side: Two
The Darker Side: Three
The Darker Side: Part Four
The Darker Side: Part Five

More to come...

Saturday, November 13, 2010


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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chipmunk Stories

Here's a cute Alvin and The Chipmunk story I wrote in high school. Theodore and Eleanor are going on their first date. Will an unruly bully ruin it?

Theodore's Macho Makover 1
Theodore's Macho Makover 2
Theodore's Macho Makover 3
Theodore's Macho Makover 4
Theodore's Macho Makover 5

In this story Jeanette is tutoring a a football player who asks her out on a date. For some reason Simon is not happy about it? Is it just his jealousy or his this guy up to no good?

Searching for The Swan One
Searching for The Swan Two
Searching for The Swan Three

Will post more later.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Campus Killer

The susence thriller staring the Chimpunks and Chipettes

The Campus Killer 1: Not Tonight
The Campus Killer 2: Just Between Sisters
The Campus Killer 3: Surprises and Misunderstandings
The Campus Killer 4: Friends and Lovers
The Campus Killer 5: Cafe' Conversations
The Campus Killer 6: Another Twist of Fate
The Campus Killer 7: A Sister's Fate
The Campus Killer 8: Fresh Start
The Campus Killer 9: Living Nightmare
The Campus Killer 10: Just Another Day
The Campus Killer 11: It's Never Easy Planning a Wedding Part One
The Campus Killer 12: It's Never Easy Planning a Wedding Part Two
The Campus Killer 13: It's Never Easy Planning a Wedding Part Three
The Campus Killer 14: Party Crashers
The Campus Killer 15: The Big Day
The Campus Killer 16: One Special Night
The Campus Killer 17: Weekend Getaway
The Campus Killer 18: Moment of Truth

One more chapter to go.

Will's Stories & Poetry

Stories and poems by Will Davis.

Thank You
The Greatest Challenge
Random Thoughts
What Did I Drink Last Night
Brake Down
A Thing of Beauty
The Fortune Teller
The Things That Should be
Take It All Away 1
Questions of Love
My Life Now
Take It All Away 2
A Dark Place
Forever Is
Take It All Away 3
Old Without Age
Remember Me
Beyond my Reach
What I Can't Say
One Lost Love
Back Through Time
Damn Cat
A Geeks Dream
Tuxedo Mask
Anime Addiction
Dose It Hurt
The Reason Why
The Game
More Fun
Beaten Brutally
The Way of Things
Fear and Loathing
The Time Has Come
To Turn the Tide
On the Phone
Truth of Me
Bite Me
Kiss This
Hate Me
Is It Good for You?
Lies of Hollywood
Love I Can't Have
The Over Importance of Money

More to come....

From Mercury To Venus

Here the sequel to Broken Candle.

From Mercury to Venus: Prologue - Signs of Life
From Mecury to Venus Chapter One: Unexpected Pleasures
From Mercury to Venus Chapter Two: In the Name of Love
From Mercury to Venus Chapter Three: Plus or Minus
From Mercury to Venus Chapter Four: My Lover, My Enemy
From Mercury to Venus Chapter Five: Personal Search
From Mercury to Venus Chapter Six: Last Thread
From Mercury to Venus Chapter Seven: A New Arrival
From Mercury to Venus [Chapter Eight] - And Baby Makes Four
From Mercury to Venus [Chapter Nine]- Message of Vengeance
From Mercury to Venus [Chapter 10]- New Town, Old Doubt
From Mercury to Venus: Chapter 11 - The Other Woman
From Mercury to Venus: Chapter 12 - Cast Away
From Mercury to Venus: Chapter Thirteen: The Right Decision
From Mercury to Venus: Chapter Fourteen: To Go Home Again
From Mercury to Venus: Chapter Fifteen: A Day at The Cave

more to come.

Not finished. More to come.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Recipes

Here's links to my favorite dessert recipes.

Sour-Cream Blackberry Pie
Chocolate Marble Cheesecake
Strawberry Mousse
Chocolate Frosting
Strawberry Cheese Pie
Cherry Pudding
Fruit Shortcake
Old Fashion Crumb Cake
Sesame Seed Bars
Basic Brownies
Peanut Butter Bars
Spring Potato Salad
Cranberry Bread
Devil's Food Cupcakes
Chocolate Cake Recipe
Crusty Sausage Cakes
Little Cherry Cheesecakes
Peaches and Cream Cheesecake
Raspberry Cream Coffee Cake
Mississippi Mud Cake
Carrot Cake
Black Walnut Pound Cake
Peanut Butter Layer Cake
Chocolate Pudding Cookies
Potato Bud Cookies
Chocolate Marshmallow Drops

My Poetry

Here's some of my very favorite poems. Click on the links to read.

Midnight's Child
Dolls and Trucks
The Horse is Dead
Don't Count on Me
800 Ways
Moon Dance
To Witness the Morning Glory
The Glitter Girl
Blind Baby
Tarnished Soul
Desert Treasure
Strange Heart
Audrey's Dilemma
Give Me Something to Believe
Basket of Strawberries
The Gift
Over the Edge
Five Senses
Touch the Sky
Little Candle
The Moon Goddess
Over and Over
On the Contrary
Bury Me
Time to Shine
In the Beginning
High and Low
Paradise Lost
Bad Behavior
Hope Among the Ruins
Paper Crown
Tears for Andi
Just a House
Tiny Roses
Road to Heaven
Hard Way to Climb
The Other Side of the Coin
Spare Me
Edge of Sanity
Bite the Wind
Me and the Mole Man
Give Me Grace
Love Your Monster
Between Two Lovers
Got Your Number
Keep That Bone
Honey or Lemons
Sour Words
Carrie's Back
Come Over
A Dove's Journey
I Have a Secret
The Way Out
The Milkmaid
Road Trip
To Walk Again
Party Days
White Lies
The Spaces Between
Seven Sins
Not My Fault
Take This Heart
Before Time
Dear Diary
Private Property
A Day in the Sun
Don't Waste My Time
Under the Ladder
Comet in the Oyster
Walking on the Wind
Vacant Eyes
Two Sides
Eyes on the Storm
Fish Tank
Prayer of the Iguana
No More Goodbyes
Truth Beyond the Lies
Guest House
Petrified Forest
Why Now?
Trials and Sorrows
One Day, Two Lives
Once a Minstrel
Freedom Bound
Head Against the Wall
The Teenager
Trash Talkers
Tell Me
Under the Ladder
Matter of Taste
Work of Art
Torn Apart
From Start to Finish
I Could
The Dracula Syndrome
Stuffed Dog
Pass the Gun
Into You
Rayne and Snow
Silent Cries
The Raven's Nest
The Fate of Lizzy May
Dark Night
Spinning in Circles
Under the Fruit Trees
Steel Blossom
Icicles in June
Cool August
Farewll, Miss Bell
Good-bye, Winter
Out of Darkness
Fly, Sweet Butterfly
Lovers' Lost
The Golden Raintree
White Dress
The Staff
Sad Girl

Monday, March 22, 2010

In The Hands Of A Stranger

If you like X-Men stories. This one's for you.

In the Hands of a Stranger: Part I
In the Hands of a Stranger 2: Road Trip Part One
In the Hands of a Stranger 3: Road Trip Part Two
In the Hands of a Stranger 4: Nightmares and Realities Part One
In the Hands of a Stranger Part Five: - Nightmares and Realities - Part Two
In the Hands of a Stranger: Part Six: The Choice

I hope you all enjoyed this.

Here's another X-Men story I'm co-writing with Will Davis.

What The Hell! Chapter One: You Can't Go Home Again
When Heroes Meet Prt.2 The Joy of Combat | Authspot
When Heroes Meet: Chapter Three: A Day at The Mansion
When Heroes Meet Chapter 4: Trouble From The Past

More to come...

Broken Candle

Here's a novel I wrote several years ago. Just click onto the link below for the full story.

Broken Candle Prologue: Step Right Up
Broken Candle 1: Wonderland
Broken Candle 2: Splattered Blood
Broken Candle 3: Not my Life
Broken Candle 4: Starting Over
Broken Candle 5: Bonfire
Broken Candle 6: Harsh Realities
Broken Candle 7: An Uncertain Future
Broken Candle 8: Captives
Broken Candle 9: a New Blood
Broken Candle 10: Shadow, Agent of Death
Broken Candle 11: In and Out
Broken Candle 12: Mind Duel
Broken Candle 13: Breakdown
Broken Candle 14: Live and Learn
Broken Candle 15: Escape From Madness
Broken Candle 16: Paralysis
Broken Candle 17: The Awakening
Broken Candle 18: a Normal Life
Broken Candle Epilogue: Who I Really Am

Sequel in the works

Other Sadians stories written by Will Davis.

A Taste of Blood | Authspot
Blackmore | Authspot

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A New Life: A Chipmunk Story

Here's a crazy story I write that takes place after Alvin and the Chipmunk 2: The Squeakel. Just click on the links below.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 2: Flirting
Chapter 3: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 3: Meet Miss Miller
Chapter 4: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 4: Alvin's Plan
Chapter 5: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 5: Suspicions and Revelations
Chapter 6: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 6: Operation Romance
Chapter 7: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter Seven: Dinner Party
Chapter 8: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 8: Never Assume Anything
Chapter 9: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 9: Fashion Crisis
Chapter 10A A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter Ten: The Dance Part One
Chapter 10B A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter Ten: The Dance Part Two
Chapter 11: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 11: Stage Show
Chapter 12: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 12: You're Who?
Chapter 13: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 13: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Chapter 14: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 14: A Day at The Theater
Chapter 15: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 15: Opening Night
Chapter 16: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 16: Missing
Chapter 17: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 17: Rescue
Chapter 18: A New Life: A Chipmunk Story: Chapter 18: Home Again

Sequel coming soon...