Sunday, October 3, 2010

Will's Stories & Poetry

Stories and poems by Will Davis.

Thank You
The Greatest Challenge
Random Thoughts
What Did I Drink Last Night
Brake Down
A Thing of Beauty
The Fortune Teller
The Things That Should be
Take It All Away 1
Questions of Love
My Life Now
Take It All Away 2
A Dark Place
Forever Is
Take It All Away 3
Old Without Age
Remember Me
Beyond my Reach
What I Can't Say
One Lost Love
Back Through Time
Damn Cat
A Geeks Dream
Tuxedo Mask
Anime Addiction
Dose It Hurt
The Reason Why
The Game
More Fun
Beaten Brutally
The Way of Things
Fear and Loathing
The Time Has Come
To Turn the Tide
On the Phone
Truth of Me
Bite Me
Kiss This
Hate Me
Is It Good for You?
Lies of Hollywood
Love I Can't Have
The Over Importance of Money

More to come....

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